Your email marketing is a critical part of your online presence.

This is the #1 way you keep you name in front of your clients and customers.  This is also how you keep them coming back again and again.

It takes a skilled and experienced hand to build a professional email template that reflects your brand, to tweak your content so as to avoid SPAM filters and to ensure that no matter what inbox your message lands in it looks exactly as it should.

That’s right different email programs will render the exact same email in different ways.   You need someone with experience hand writing the code behind your email template so whether it lands in an Outlook inbox or a Gmail inbox your email looks exactly the same.

The OSP makes email marketing easy and effective.  Let us help you…

  • Enhance customer or client communication – Keep customers and prospects coming back with a custom email newsletters that reflect your brand.
  • Integrate Social Media into your messages  – Reach customers AND their  fans, friends, and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Directly target your customers using email lists – Segment  your contacts into email lists by customer interests, products purchased and more. Sending relevant and targeted emails to specific segments of your contact base increases response rates.
  • Grow your business through referrals – Email newsletters are easy to forward and we can make it super easy for your customers to share them via social networks too. When your customers forward or share your newsletters you get new prospects. This is a great example of how email marketing turns fans, friends, and followers into customers.

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