I want to share with you the proven methods I use to build squeeze pages that convert visitors into sign-ups like magic!

Whether you are building your list or launching a new product having a sexy squeeze page that draws people in and compels them to sign up is crucial.

I have discovered a way to create squeeze pages that boosts the number of opt-ins right into the stratosphere. I have taken years of experience and marketing know-how and simplified it into an easy to follow process.

How many times has this happened to you…

You created a great product, scheduled an awesome (and info filled) free call to launch it, create the sign up page for the call and only get 6 sign ups?

I had this happen to me time and time again. That is why I started deconstructing successful squeeze pages to see what is was that made them work so well. I took what I learned and created my very first sexy squeeze page. It was for the very first free call I ever gave.

Using the exact same method I am going to share with you I got 100 sign ups!

Even better 90% of them were brand new to my list!

There is more to a sexy squeeze page than a sign up box.

I want to show you my proven formula to:

Strategizing in order to maximize the impact of your page.
Being a tease with your content.
Using every element of the page to compel visitors to act.
Grabbing their attention AND KEEPING IT all the way to the sign up box.
Using social media effectively to boost your sign ups and spread the word.


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I love this book and I know it will catapult you into a land of creativity beyond your imagination, and you will find yourself hooked on your computer for hours playing with them. You will be able to enhance your websites, write astonishing ads, and write compelling copy.

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